Published by Press Office on February 16, 2018

New Euro4 range for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

The Thriumph Tiger Sport 1050 has been designed to redefine  the meaning of versatility to deliver sporting performance and touring capability.

In the same context SC-Project tought to devote to the Tiger Sport an entire product range, from the sporty SC1-R, to the touring X-plorer, untill the exclusive Adventure.

Euro4, Tuv approved, full range of products to give to the rider the maximum freedom in everyday use.

Sporty soul SC1-R

SC1-R silencer is fully studied and realized by SC-Project R&D department to be the new point of reference of World Superbike Championship. The body of the silencer is completely made of full titanium with an asymmetric rhomboidal conformation, the caseback is made of matt carbon fiber and follows the aggressive and firm line of the silencer. The new SC1-R is the perfect synthesis of SC-Project policy: to study and create exhaust systems for the best World Championship Teams and develop them to offer the private motor biker a great product of high design and performance, with the best qualitative finishing, the wonderful welding and sound. All these characteristics tell the excellence of Made in Italy which mark the whole SC-Project range

Touring soul X-plorer

X-plorer silencer is designed and developed by SC-Project R&D internal Department for being a point of reference for mid-size road enduro. X-plorer design features is a full titanium body with lasered logo combined beautifully with a plain pattern carbon fiber end cap. The connection of this two elements allows to obtain a swift, light and aerodynamic body silencer for left side exhaust motorcycles. X-plorer is the appropriate silencer for long-distance trips thanks to the use of finest materials that allows an extremely period of usage, also under extreme conditions, without sacrificing building quality and high reliability. The new X-plorer is developed to enhance the range of homologated silencer in SC-Project’s catalogue.

Adventurous soul Adventure

Adventure muffler was created to satisfy the need to take SC-Project technology and competences into the maxi street enduro and sport tourer world.
It was thought for customers who are attentive to details such as look and performance; the Adventure muffler was directly realized by SC-Project R&D department, which studied an internal system with separated resonance chambers and double perforated pipe to optimize performance both in maximum power and engine torque, to guarantee an unmistakable fullbodied sound, real and proper distinctive sign of SC-Project‘s products.
The muffler body is made of titanium and allows a considerable weight saving in favour of a better motorbike driveability, whereas the end cap with a superimposed double exit is made of carbon fiber of the highest quality and gives the muffler an aggressive look with a slimmer and more slender line than the original bulky and heavy mufflers made of steel sheet. SC-Project logo, together with the name Adventure Exhaust System, is laser branded on the exhaust system body with a “mud” effect to recall the adventure nature of the muffler.
The Adventure muffler, as all SC-Project range, is completely projected, developed and realized in Italy.

New Euro4 range developed for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 is already available HERE

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Gallery Triumph Tiger Sport  Adventure

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